When To Call a Mold Expert For Help

If the area of concern is under 100 sq feet, most homeowners can do a Diy fix. If you are uncomfortable about attempting this type of work and want some guidance call us for free. We will walk you through what you can do yourself. If the mold issue is over 100 sq feet you may need a mold expert. Mold can be any color, sometimes mold is white and can be missed. Most people think of mold as black or brown in color. If you have a health issue that you believe is caused by mold, it may make sense to have an extra set of eyes to look and evaluate the home for mold . If you have have medical testing that indicated a sensitivity to mold, it makes sense to have areas tested. This testing will determine if the home has issues that are not visible. This will let you know if your sensitivities are the result of higher concentrations of mold in your home and identify any links to your issues. Testing is a great way to document your exposure to mold and be able to discuss in an informed way with your health advisor. The best test for this purpose would be air samples. Air sampling identifies what you are breathing in, not just what molds a surface has on it. A mold professional can help to identify the molds found visually on surfaces as there are a handful of usual suspects we deal with on a regular basis.

When To Do Mold Testing

Testing is recommended when: we can’t visually see the mold in an area of concern, If there is a health issue it makes sense to test to see if the mold levels are elevated, for pre or post mold work to make sure there has been good value for the work completed. Types of mold testing include: air sampling, tape lifts , swabs and viable testing. Air sampling is one of the best ways to know what mold is present in your indoor air. Generally air sampling equates to what we would breathing. We compare the outside air (baseline) and want to know if the inside air is elevated as opposed to the outside air. The outside air sample is used to determine if the area is within acceptability for mold types and levels. Air sampling is the most comprehensive mold test for most situations. Tape lift and swab mold testing gives only limited knowledge. They are great tests to gain an understanding of what molds are specific to an area including wall, ceilings or floors. These tests do not provide levels of mold but focus on learning the strain of the mold found or if the substance is mold. A viable test is one that traps mold spores and keeps the material alive. Viable mold testing reveals the mold type present and whether it is alive or dead.


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