Air Guard


18 years ago I was selling a home. The home inspector found mold in the attic. Our house was clean, the roof was new, the house was newly sided and the interior was freshly painted. So we were surprised to get this news. We asked the home inspector to come back and show us the mold they found. The news was upsetting and I never had to deal with mold. I was wondering how this could affect the sale of the home. The inspector was patient and showed me that we indeed have mold. This was early in the history of “mold being a thing” era. But other than pointing the mold out he wasn’t that helpful. We had so many questions like would the house ever be sellable. Will we need a loan to pay for something that might be too costly to handle on our own. 

We contacted 6 different mold companies and were disappointed with our findings. They wanted to scare us. Many embellished what needed to be done to correct the problem. Some companies recommended removing the entire new roof and the attic insulation, then installing a new roof, treating the attic, taking out and installing new insulation. This huge undertaking for mold that wasn’t even toxic! These companies never told me that materials like fiberglass insulation can’t mold and are non organic. I wish they just gave me the facts and let me make the right decision. This problem wasn’t in proportion to the issue. I did find a company or 2 that had a more direct approach but it was still very expensive. Under much direst we decided on a company and their prices was 4 times more than what Airguard Restoration charges today. The work was a nightmare. The job was stretched out for over 4 days. That company strung out the job look for more hours then were actually needed to get the job done. With multiple supply runs and other delaying that gave them the “justification “ for the amount paid. They never
took care of the underlying issue which was poor venting and no warranty came with the work they performed. I was made to believe their process was like the “emperors clothes.” 

What’s really crazy is that Airguard does this same type of work in about 1 day. With our proprietary equipment that makes the process faster and less stressful on everyone. Airguard comes fully prepared to complete the work. We bring everything a job requires We send enough man power, tools and material to do it right the first time . But the two most insulting things this company did was to leave me all the trash from their clean up. This trash included bags of molded contaminated materials and used chemical containers. I had small children at the time. Airguard takes everything from the job when it’s completed and cleans up like it never happened. 

The cherry on top for this project was the damage to the ceilings of my home. This damage came in a period of time right before the sale of the home was to be completed. When we confronted the contractor he stated that the price was “so tight “ there was no money to repair the damage that they caused. This was unacceptable and down right disrespect-able to treat a customer in this manner. They didn’t fix the issue they caused and left us to pick up after them . Airguard has always had policy to do the right thing. We treat you and your home as if you were family and it was our home. After 10,000 individual jobs we have had issues. But it has been our policy in the course of 18 years to self report.
If we caused an issue we will apologize and we own it. Both the good and the bad. Secondly, we would ask you respectfully, do you want us to do the repair at our cost or do you want to pick someone you know to do the repair. Either way we will pay, no arguing, no hassles.